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Mounir Satouri


Member of the Green party in France, Mounir Satouri has been newly elected as a Member of the European Parliament. Through his mandate, he is involved in defending non proliferation of nuclear weapons.  



Driven by his commitment, Mounir Satouri arrived in France at the age of 16. Unionist student, then activist in association against nuclear power and for the defense of human rights, he got involved professionally, becoming Director of a social center.


Member of the environmentalist party since 2001, he was elected as a city councilor in Les Mureaux in 2008, then he became a regional councilor in 2010. As the president of his political group between 2012 and 2019, he particularly fought against major urbanization projects and for the preservation of nature and participated in combating all discrimination.


As a Member of the European Parliament, Mounir Satouri works on the subjects of employment / social affairs and Human Rights and defense and will endeavor to use his mandate to fight against right-wing populisms and to improve social equality and solidarity.




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