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Lovely Umayam


Lovely Umayam is the founder of Bombshelltoe, a creative hub linking artists, community organizers, and nuclear experts together to present nuclear policy in a compelling and impactful way to the greater public. Bombshelltoe was the first-prize winner of the US Department of State’s Innovation in Arms Control Challenge in 2013. 

Currently in development at Bombshelltoe is Ways of Knowing, a multimedia project in partnership with Navajo community members that showcases hope and resilience after decades of uranium mining. Most recently, Lovely collaborated with Harlem-based Passenger Pigeon Press to publish “Atomic Sublime,” an art book about the nuclear histories of sublime landscapes in the American Southwest. Lovely’s policy research and creative work have been featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, SXSW, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, The Atlantic, Vice, PopTech, The New Republic, MoMA PS1, and Newseum, among others. 

Lovely is also a fellow at the non-profit, non-governmental organization Stimson Center in Washington, DC where she manages projects preventing the proliferation of chemical, biological, nuclear, and radiological materials. Her dual-nature as a policy expert and creative producer challenges her to approach nuclear policy from nuanced vantage points. 



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