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Lisa Pelletti Clark


Lisa Pelletti Clark, elected Co-President of International Peace Bureau (IPB) in 2016, is an active member of Blessed Are the Peacemakers (Beati i costruttori di pace), an Italian member of the IPB.

 Lisa lived in Sarajevo under siege (1993-1995), fostering networks of solidarity among the inhabitants of the city and across the front lines; and then spent long periods in other areas of Bosnia and in Kosovo supporting non-violent groups; she later participated in human rights and election monitoring missions in Palestine, Albania, Chiapas and coordinated the civil society monitoring mission for the first democratic elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2006. As an interpreter, Lisa also accompanied institutional missions to Eritrea, Ethiopia, Algeria, Somalia, Kenya.

Starting in 2005 (when a report published by the US Federation of Atomic Scientists revealed the presence of US nuclear weapons in two Italian airbases), Lisa’s activism has concentrated on nuclear disarmament campaigns, in Italy within the Italian Disarmament Network, and also internationally. In 2007-2008, she coordinated the Italian campaign ‘For a Future Without Nuclear Weapons’, which submitted draft legislation to the Italian Parliament aimed at declaring Italy a nuclear-weapon free State. Since 2016 she has been active within the Italian ICAN campaign aimed at convincing Italy to join the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Lisa attends international meetings of nuclear disarmament activists and supports the activities in Italy of Mayors for Peace, ICAN, Peace Boat. As Co-President of IPB, Lisa has been honoured to represent this Nobel Peace Laureate organisation within the Permanent Secretariat and at the Summits of Nobel Laureates, as well as at many high level summits, conferences and symposia on a wide range of subjects, from disarmament to non-violent activism, from peace education to social justice.

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