Programme Day 1

Day 1: 14 February (9:00 - 17:30)


Opening Session: 

Welcome by ICAN and ICAN France.


“The Light in Dark Times”  

Conversation with Hiroshima-bomb survivor Setsuko Thurlow about the struggle and how to never give up fighting for a better world.


Nuclear Weapons 101 - risks, consequences and solution

Nuclear weapons may be decades old, but the threats they pose to the world are still very real. This expert briefing will bring you up to speed on how many nuclear weapons are out there, what they do and why we need to get rid of them.


So You Wanna Change the World? How to be an Activist

This plenary session will address how you target different decision makers to create change. How do you identify who you need to influence and how? What tactics can you use? This session will bring together activists from racial justice, peace and climate movements to share lessons from their work and talk strategy.


Detoxing from Deterrence and Other Lies

This interactive session will expose the constructed framework that people in power make to justify nuclear weapons. We’ll go over the military-industrial, patriarchal and neo-colonialist arguments to keep nukes -- and how you can fight back against them.


Let’s Get Down to Business

This interactive session will bring together parliamentarians, mayors and investors to have a conversation with participants about how to make change happen, what works and what doesn’t work when you lobby decision-makers. 


“The Best Art Is Political” 

Art and culture have always been key drivers of change and influencers on how we see society. We are gathering talented artists to discuss how art can be used as a social justice tool.




We will be organizing a social event in the evening. 

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