Practical Information

When & where will the ICAN Paris Forum take place? 


14-15 February 2020, 9:00-17:00. 


Full address: Salle Olympe de Gouges, 15 Rue Merlin, 75011 Paris, France


With thanks to Mairie 11 municipality, the ICAN Paris Forum will be held in a venue full of history, bearing the name of Olympe de Gouges, one of the first French women's rights advocates. The Salle Olympe de Gouges is located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, at 15 rue Merlin, next to a pleasant garden. To access the room, you must walk through this garden (see map below). The venue is accessible for persons with mobility difficulties. 


How much does the event cost? Will there be sponsorship?


A ticket to the two-day forum costs $30 and includes a light lunch and refreshments. There is a reduced fee for students, who can get tickets for 15EUR, but must show valid student-ID on the day. 


There is no sponsorship to cover transportation or lodging available.  For an idea of lodging costs, please find a brief list of hotel suggestions


Do I need a visa?


Whether you need a visa to visit France as a tourist depends on your nationality. Visa applications have to be submitted to the French embassy or consulate in your country of residence. Depending on where you are coming from, this process may take some time, and we recommend starting as soon as possible. For general information on how and where to obtain your Visa please check at the Visa Information Service of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All information for Visa applications can be provided by directly contacting your respective embassy. A list of French representations in your country can be found here.

How do I get to the venue? 


Paris is well developed in terms of public transport, so make your choice:

By bus and subway

You can access to the venue from the metro station (10 minutes walk):

  • Line 2 and 3, stop to Père Lachaise
  • Line, 2 stop to Philippe Auguste

You can also access to the venue from the Bus 61 and 69, same stop “Saint-Maur – Servan”


By bike

If you want to see Paris by bike, use the Velib’ (bike rental scheme) and come to the venue bikes station

  • Station N°11110, 176 rue de la roquette.
  • Station N°11023, 2 rue saint maur.
  • Station N°11026, 105 rue du chemin vert.