ICAN PARIS FORUM: Participants guide


This practical guide includes all kinds of information about getting to the venue, moving around, and so on. A few highlights:

  • Public transport: Paris is well developed in terms of public transport, so you have multiple options to get to the venue and around the city. You can also use the Velib’ (bike rental scheme). Timetables, maps, and other information are available on the RATP home site, www.ratp.fr/en/
  • Strikes: You may have heard there have recently been major strikes in France, but it seems the strikes are not planned to have any incidence on transportation means.
  • Weather: The weather forecast is that it will be a bit rainy but the temperature is around 10 C° by day. Umbrellas, raincoats and layers are always a good call.

download the guide


Note: In light of the coronavirus outbreak, we are urging all participants to follow the guidance and instructions provided by the World Health Organisation. Read more here: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public


Teaser for the ICAN Paris Forum by artist and speaker JP Kalonji:

Teaser for the ICAN Paris Forum by artist and speaker JP Kalonji